First day of Foundation at CSM. The whole class was divided in groups of 3. I really enjoy working alone because is easier for me to focus, deliver ideas and be original. I think that my group mates had good ideas and that made that I get more inspiration. The first project was to create a hybrid between the 3 of us so the professor gave us approximately 15 mins to know each other and do brainstorming. Then, we were asked to draw the hybrid. We made a combination of our 3 personalities in a "girl" that was supposed to be the 3 of us. Other groups did more original hybrids instead of people. They made objects or things that didn't even existed. Next time I would try to think outside of the box instead of "playing it safe" or doing something predictable. 

The next project was called IDEAS FACTORY. Each group was given the name of a material, a process and an "Ism". We got lycra, fold and masochism. We weren't allow to use internet to do the brainstorming of those 3 words so we started saying whatever came to our minds. First, we weren't quite sure what masochism was so we asked the other classmates and they told us what the real meaning was. We didn't quite go much deeper with "masochism". I think it was because it has a sexual kind of dark meaning and the 3 of us got shy. Next time I will say what is in my mind as an ice-breaker so that my group could let lose and for the 3 of us to be more efficient. After the brainstorming, we started doing some sketches of the 3 words. 


 I have to do more sketches for me and my group to be easier to create something that works. 

What "product" that involve those 3 words would be used in daily life? Where would it be placed and who would be the public that uses it?

We are going to met tomorrow at the library in KX at 2:00 pm to do some research of the 3 words. 



Library Research Task. We met at 2:00 pm at the library at KX. The 3 of us had laptops each so we divided the research in 3. I had to look up for "masochism" while my other groupmates searched for lyrca and fold. It was the first time that I searched for a book in the library catalogue via UAL App and it was really easy. We created a group in whatsapp so that we could share the pictures that we took of books. I found a lot of interesting information about masochism istelf and masochist artists.

  • I should look for more books about "masochism" and less about masochist artists. 

I wanted to take some books but the librarians told us not to because other students will need them for the same research. My groupmate struggled finding books about lycra but then we told her to look for artists that used lycra in their work and she found that Ernesto Neto was one of them and that there was one book remaining. I stayed doing some more research on the artists till the library closed. Tomorrow I will print all the pictures that I took of the books with my phone and will continue my research. 

  • Tomorrow I will continue using my sketchbook.
  • Even though my group mates looked for the other 2 words, I want to do some research of them alone. 


Today I went to the library al 12:00 pm and started looking for more info on "fold". I remembered that when I was in Lima studying fashion, we had a course name moulage that was basically folding the fabric around the manikin until the designer gets the shape/silhouette wanted. I wanted to search for a book of moulage but there were non in any UAL library and then I remembered that pattern making could also be a good source of information for "fold". Founding books of pattern making led me to get books of drape and the options of the act of folding increased. I remembered that back in Lima I went to an exhibition of Theo Jansen and I started relating "fold" with his work. More ideas came into my head like yoga, hand fan, tables, and more. I took a lot of time working on my notebook and printing the pictures because I had to get a USB (BUY A USB ASAP!). I tried to find books about lycra but the fact that the library was going to close soon got me nervous and I couldn't find anything.

6:00 pm: I had to leave the library but stayed at KX in one table looking for more information about lycra. I found an artist called Erwin Wurm. 

  • Next time: find him earlier and look books about him at the library. 

Im really not sure if the projects ends tomorrow but if it doesn't that would give me more time to research and to think of a way to connect the 3 words and make something that works. 

  • Next time: work more efficient and manage your times. 

I started using my sketchbook: It seemed a little bit empty so I started making drawings.



final ideas factory.jpg



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